Why Choose Us?

There are loads of reasons to choose Cascade Events to provide you with your marquee, decoration, marquee theming, generator hire and event support. Have a look through our testimonials to see what other people think. Some of the main ones are:

1. Excellent value for money (not necessarily the cheapest but cheapest is not always best)

2. Superb quality equipment and excellent service.

2. Years of experience which we share as free advice. See our Marquee Hire Advice for more information.

3. Free, no obligation site visits from our knowledgable, friendly staff.

4. A real one stop shop for all your wedding or event needs.

5. A truly 24 Hour Service, ring our office and there is a phone number on the answerphone which is answered day and night.

6. Polite and helpful construction / delivery staff.

7. MUTA Accredited

8. We take safety seriously, ours, yours, your guests and the public.

Why not see what our past clients say about us? Read our marquee hire testimonials here.