Marquee Hire Advice

The staff at Cascade Events have years of experience working in the events, wedding, catering and marquee hire industry. We love events and marquees, it’s why we do what we do for a living.

We are always happy to give out free advice, we enjoy having our brains picked and talking about marquees and events. Please do feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss marquee hire or events. No obligation and no hassle!

Do I need a licence for my marquee wedding or event?
This is one of the most common questions we get asked by our marquee hire clients and it’s not surprising considering a lot of the information around is confusing at best…

How can I power my marquee wedding or event?
Getting the right power supply for your marquee wedding or event is crucial. Caterers need power, heating needs power and, of course, lighting needs power.

What Health and Safety Concerns are there when hiring a marquee?
Hiring a marquee for a marquee wedding or an event in a marquee can be a daunting task…

A Theme for every Wedding
The fashion for themed weddings grows stronger by the minute, it seems, and features a wide range of ideas based on a particular colour, the specific time of year when the wedding will take place, a favourite era or place and even the style embraced by the chosen wedding venue. Themed weddings are great fun here are a few tips for making that special day, extra special.