A Theme for every Wedding

The fashion for themed weddings grows stronger by the minute, it seems, and features a wide range of ideas based on a particular colour, the specific time of year when the wedding will take place, a favourite era or place and even the style embraced by the chosen wedding venue. Themed weddings are very effective, here are a few tips for making that special day, extra special.

Colour themes can be carried through to everything from the bridesmaids dresses to the table decorations, bouquets, buttonholes, the wedding cake and the party balloons provided by the venue. The overall effect can be quite stunning and different colours can be linked with different times of year. For example, seasonal colours can be used in bouquets of white, gold and chocolate brown for an autumn wedding, and the table decorations might include a pinecone or two as well as flowers. Spring flowers and a vivid colour palette can make early weddings fabulous, while winter themes often include white faux fur capes for the bride and bridesmaids and seasonal flowers.

Choosing a historic theme can be lots of fun – such as a 1920s or 1940s event featuring the clothing of the period and appropriate wedding garb for the bride and groom. Whether bridesmaids dressed as Flappers for the twenties or a swing band to provide the music of the forties is chosen, the themed approach makes it a memorable occasion for everyone. From the invitations through to the table lighting, any era can be emulated to great effect with just a few clever touches.

Special places
Sometimes wedding themes are influenced by places that may be special to the happy couple, often for personal or family reasons. A French-themed wedding may take place in a stately home or hotel similar to a stylish chateau with Parisian-style clothes and Gallic cuisine. A Moroccan-themed wedding may include elaborate wall tapestries and colourful lanterns, elegant Moroccan chairs for the wedding breakfast plus lots of embroidered cushions on Moroccan leather ottomans and sofa sets on which guests can relax after the meal.

Quirky themes
Some couples opt to do things really differently, and there are plenty of accounts of off-the-wall wedding themes including circus-style, a rustic Scandinavian celebration and the more bohemian fashions of the 1960s, as found in “flower power” weddings. On the science fiction side, steampunk is gaining ground as a cross between Edwardian or Victorian style and contemporary technology. In musical terms, rockabilly, combining elements of country music with rock and roll, has lots of admirers in the UK.

It’s perhaps a bit drastic to go to extremes, however, some couples have tied the knot in very curious places – underwater (for keen deep sea divers) and in the air (for fans of hot ballooning). These excursions are not for the faint-hearted. In which case it might be more relaxing for the guests if themes like “water” and “flying” were incorporated into the wedding theme, perhaps with the aid of a chocolate fountain or cheerful birdsong, respectively, at the reception.